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Our Wat Tyler Education site is currently under construction

If you were trying to access , this site is currently under construction. It will be re-launched in the coming weeks.

Accessible to all

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As per the Council's Digital Inclusion Strategy it is critical to the delivery of our policy that the opportunities we create as well as those we look to promote to our customers are accessible to everyone.

No one is to be left behind.

Technology support to access the digital world

Each of the most popular operating systems installed on a digital device - computers; laptops; and smart phones, all offer additional support and accessibility tools:

Specific to the support provided to our customers when using the Council's website, we use the following tools to ensure accessibility for all:

Other opportunities to help remove barriers to the digital world

Other specific opportunities we would like to promote for people that recognise themselves as being disabled:

AbilityNet offer training and free IT support to help individuals with any disability and of any age to use all kinds of digital technology.

Microsoft offer additional support for their Microsoft Office and Windows products. This includes product issues, accessibility questions and use of assistive technology.

Both of these organisations offer training material for businesses to ensure the services they offer are more accessible to people with a disability.

Access to a device

In terms of getting access to a digital device to connect with, which can be a barrier for some due to financial reasons. We are looking to offer a loan scheme to be delivered in partnership with Every Child Online. We believe this scheme which may also include a free connection to the internet will help to remove any financial barrier of getting connected for the residents of our borough. Providing the opportunity for all our residents to access a digital device to enable them to participate and contribute to the digital world.

Access to an internet connection

We acknowledge that like having access to a device, having access to an internet connection can also be a financial barrier for some. The Council is looking at how we can include a free internet connection within our device loan scheme. For more information about how to reduce the cost of connecting to the internet and available free Wi-FI spots within the borough, visit our getting connected page.

Access to opportunities to gain new digital skills

If everybody had access to a connected device, to ensure associability they would also need to have the capability, the essential digital skills to safely use the device and to connect to the internet. Please visit the Council's digital skills page which highlights the opportunities available to all our customers looking to gain new digital skills.

Accessibility - local charities and partners 

Every Child Online is a key partner in the delivery of the Council's Digital Inclusion Strategy.  Through working in partnership, the Council was able to distribute over 200 laptops and peripherals to local schools. 

Local charity Every Child Online Logo



Another local charity we wish to promote is Computers for the disabled, who look to ensure people with disabilities and older people have access to a computer. 

If this is you and you need access to a computer please look to reach out to the charity.

Alternatively if you are in the position, we ask you look to support both these local charities if you can in anyway.