Help us beat fraud, report it online here. Benefit and other cheats cost us all millions in money that could be spent on better public services.

Image showing a Fraud Prevention LogoFraud is one of the fastest growing areas of crime in modern society and the residents and stakeholders of Basildon Borough Council have a right to expect that their public funds are secure and handled honestly. Any dishonest act reflects badly on both the Authority and the wider public sector. The economic downturn has increased the temptation to commit fraud.

Basildon Council is committed to eliminating all forms of bribery, fraud, corruption and to protecting public funds. Minimising losses to fraud and maximising revenue is an essential part of ensuring that all of the Council's resources are used for the purpose for which they are intended.

Basildon Council has established a Corporate Counter Fraud Team to assist the Authority with the ongoing objective of protecting the public purse, using sound strategies, procedures and controls in the prevention, detection, investigation and deterrence of fraud, corruption and bribery.

Your help to eliminating all forms of bribery, fraud and corruption will always be appreciated. The following links will enable you to report fraud safely and confidentially online now