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If you need to log an emergency repair to a council property, please call 0800 011 3241

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Uninhabitable Properties - Council Tax Discount/Exemptions

Properties in need of major repairs to make them habitable, or undergoing structural alteration, may be entitled to a 50% council tax discount for up to one year.

What discount is available?

While a property undergoes undergo major repairs to make them safely habitable [or while undergoing structural alteration], it may be entitled to a 50% council tax discount.

This discount can apply for up to one year, after that period, council tax will be charged at full rates whether works are completed or not.

Is my property eligible for a council tax uninhabitable property discount?

Before work starts, Basildon Council should be notified so an inspection can be carried out. This inspection will decide if repair work deems the property eligible for the discount.

Repair work must be essential to make to property habitable. Essential work includes repairing the main structure of the property i.e. walls, building foundations and roofing. Replacing a seriously defective roof would be sufficient for a discount however partially repairing/replacing a few tiles would not be.

Likewise, replacing kitchens and bathrooms does not meet the discount's requirements, if they are still serviceable when work starts. Cosmetic work and minor DIY jobs are not sufficient.

Apply for an Uninhabitable Property discount

Are you using e-Services yet?

The easiest way to apply for a disability reduction is via e-Services, a free online portal to help you manage your council tax account. Use your secure online account to upload supporting evidence and track your application for disability reduction as it progresses.

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Please be advised; failure to notify us of a change in your circumstances within 21 days, or applying for a discount or exemption you are not entitled to, will result in a penalty of up to £280 being issued.