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Apply for Council Tax Discounts or Exemptions

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Join the thousands of residents who are using e-Services to manage their council tax and housing benefit accounts. Sign in with your phone or computer to apply for a council tax discount or exemption. You'll be able to upload evidence and save your details plus be told as your application progresses.  Sign in or Register for e-Services here

Are you applying for someone else?

If you're not the account holder and are applying for a Council Tax discount/exemption for someone else (for example a relative or client) please visit  Applying for Someone Else

Council Tax - Care Leaver Discretionary Reduction

Basildon Council will award a discretionary reduction to the Council Tax account of a young person leaving care to live alone, or to the Council Tax account of the household a young person joins after leaving care.

Disability Reduction

Properties with facilities to help disabled person(s) living there may be entitled to a disability reduction.


When calculating council tax, some people are not counted. These are called 'Disregards,' and can be people in a number of circumstances for example being a full time student.

Empty Properties

Properties left empty and unfurnished for up to three months may receive a 50% council tax discount during that time. However, properties left empty for more than two years are charged additional premiums.

Exempt Properties

In specific circumstances, a property can become what is called an 'exempt property' and will pay no council tax at all for a varied amount of time.

Single Resident Discount

Properties with only one adult (18+) may be entitled to a single resident discount on council tax - this is 25% off your annual bill.

Uninhabitable Properties

Properties in need of major repairs to make them habitable, or undergoing structural alteration, may be entitled to a 50% council tax discount for up to one year.

Apprentice Disregard/Reduction

Where an apprentice is living in a property the Council Tax payer may be entitled to a 25% Council Tax Apprentice Disregard or Reduction.

Applying for Someone Else

If you're not the account holder and are applying on behalf of another person (i.e. a client or relative) please use the links on this page.

Family Annexe Discount

A 50% discount may apply to an annexe.