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Recurring Card Payments

A Recurring Card Payment is a convenient payment method, where Basildon Council is given permission by a resident to charge their credit or debit card on a prearranged, recurring schedule for their Council Tax or Rent. This means you don't have to call or go online to pay - saving you time and peace of mind.

How do Recurring Card Payments work?

The card is held securely on file and charged on an ongoing basis as per the resident's instructions until the cardholder cancels the agreement, or until agreed instalments (for example that year's Council Tax charge) have been paid. 

Set up a Recurring Card Payment

Set up your own recurring payment in a few clicks - visit the link here Create a Recurring Card Payment (opens new window) If you're trying to change your Recurring Card Payment, please call 01268 533333, select the Payments option then select Recurring Payments. Our Customer Services team will be able to amend your plan for you.

If you have received a Final Notice, Summons or Liability Order Notification, you can't set up a Recurring Card Payment or Direct Debit. Instead, please set up a Special Payment Arrangement.

This can be done online; help is available from our Recovery Team if needed. See  - Recovery and Penalties - Council Tax

There are two types of Recurring Card Payments

Continuous (ideal for Rent payers)

These are the default types automatically selected when setting up a Recurring Card Payment via our website. A continuous payment means an agreed sum is paid until cancelled by either party.

Repayment (ideal for Council Tax)

A repayment continues until an agreed value (for example a Council Tax annual charge) has been paid, at which point the plan completes and ends. 

What are the benefits of Recurring Card Payments?

  • You don't have to remember to make a manual payment for your Council Tax or Rent. This helps to avoid falling into arrears.
  • Multiple plans can be set up to run in parallel.
  • The Recurring Card Payment can be cancelled instantly by clicking on a link we provide after a payment is taken if you change your mind.
  • If your card expires, the plan will be paused for 7 days and a reminder issued for new card details which can be updated online at which point the plan will resume  - all done electronically so there is no need to call us
  • We'll email you shortly before your payment is due and if you need to amend your card details because they have changed, you can do this easily by clicking on a link in that email
  • Choose to pay between 1st and 5th of the month for Council Tax or any date for Rent.
  • You stay in control - we won't amend this plan unless you ask us to.

What are the differences between a Recurring Card Payment and a Direct Debit?

  • Unlike a standing order or Direct Debit which take money from a bank account, a Recurring Card Payment charges to a debit or credit card
  • With a Recurring Card Payment, the sum / schedule agreed at the point of implementation will not change unless the cardholder amends the plan or specifically asks us to. With a variable Direct Debit, the amount taken can be varied by Basildon Council to ensure the account remains up to date.
  • A Recurring Card Payment can be cancelled directly and immediately by you when using a link provided in each successful payment. Instant cancellation occurs. With a Direct Debit, a little more notice may required for the cancellation to take effect

Direct debit remains the easiest way to pay Council Tax and Rent, as you arrange a plan once and no further involvement is needed. Recurring Card Payments are just as safe and secure as Direct Debit - as a customer, you have the choice to decide what payment method suits your finances best. To create a Direct Debit, instead of a Recurring Card Payment, see the relevant link below.

Visit here to set up a Direct Debit for Council Tax 

Visit here to set up a Direct Debit for Rent

What Happens if I Enter The Wrong Instalment Amounts?

When paying Council Tax, if you pay the correct instalment amount for your current financial year bill, we can automatically match your payment with the amount due.

For example; if your July instalment charge is £110 and you pay £110 on time, we will allocate your payment to the July instalment.

If you pay a different sum, our system will still apply the payment to your account but will look for any arrears first - if found your payment will be allocated to that. You will receive a reminder text or letter if you do not pay the correct sum(s) due. It is important you refer to your Council Tax bill / statement when setting up a Recurring Payment Plan and enter the instalment amounts showing as due on that.

For Rent, again please ensure you pay sufficient funds to clear your monthly charge.