Image promoting Basildon Council tenants home contents insurance To avoid the uninsured loss of your household goods and contents council tenants must have an up to date Home Contents Insurance Policy

It is a common misunderstanding that Basildon Council will automatically replace the lost, damaged or destroyed household goods and contents of a tenant whose council home has been affected by an incident such as a house fire, a flood or a burglary. This is not the case; council tenants who DO NOT have their own up to date home contents insurance policy will be in real danger of being left with no household goods and contents if their council home is affected by an incident such as a house fire, a flood or a burglary.

A Home Contents Insurance Policy will cover tenants for damage or loss of  household goods and contents such as  furniture, electrical equipment, clothes and jewellery caused by an insured peril such as flood, fire or theft.

Basildon Council's Home Contents Insurance Scheme for council tenants

Basildon Council offers a specialist affordable home contents insurance policy designed specifically for council tenants and arranged through major insurance company Allianz Insurance.

As a council tenant this policy will enable you to:

  • Pay premiums weekly with your rent **
  • Set your own sum insured from £8,000 (£6,000 for over 55's) up to a maximum of £40,000
  • Enjoy a low policy excess of £50 per claim
  • No renewal date, this is a 'rolling' policy.

The scheme also recognises that council tenants have no need of buildings insurance cover and so this policy provides an element of cover for those items that would usually only be insured under a buildings insurance policy.

There are several different cover options to choose from, enabling you to build your insurance cover to suit your needs while at the same time remaining affordable.

** IMPORTANT - Information on keeping up with payments and for those receiving Housing Benefit

You must keep up to date with your payments. Failure to keep up with insurance premium payments will result in your policy being cancelled.

Tenants receiving Housing Benefit must be aware that insurance premium payments will not be included as part of their Housing Benefit entitlement. Tenants receiving Housing Benefit will have to either cancel their policy or make payments from their own finances or other benefit entitlement.

Apply to join the Home Contents Insurance Scheme

To join the Home Contents Insurance Scheme you will need to complete an application form:

The Insurance Team will contact you directly within 10 working days of receiving your application.

The Insurance Product Information Document (IPID)

Applicants are advised to read the following Insurance Product Information Document (IPID) which provides a summary of the key information relating to this home contents insurance policy.

To make a claim on your Home Contents Insurance Policy

To make a claim on your Home Contents Insurance Policy please contact Allianz Insurance's claims division directly:

  • Phone: 0344 871 2230

To change or cancel a Home Contents Insurance Policy or inform us of a change in your circumstances

To cancel or change your Home Contents Insurance Policy please contact the Council's Insurance Team.

You will be asked to supply the following information:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Full Address
  • Details of the amendments you want to make

IMPORTANT: The basis of your Home Contents Insurance contract is the information you have supplied, including the declaration which you will have checked and signed to confirm the information you have provided on your application is correct.

Should any of the information you have provided on your application change you must inform us of these changes in circumstances, as they could affect the validity of your insurance cover. For example you should inform us of the following:

  • You change your address
  • You leave your home unoccupied for more than 35 days
  • Add significantly to the value of your belongings
  • Criminal record

Replacement policy documents

Tenants who have joined the Home Contents Insurance Scheme receive a letter containing details of their insurance cover. If this letter has been lost a new copy can be requested by contacting the Council's Insurance Team.

Further information and enquiries

For further information and enquiries contact the Council's Insurance Team.

The Insurance Team - Tenants' Contents Insurance
01268 207940