When Basildon babies babble, play and laugh with you, you're helping them on their way to being School Ready.

Basildon children are READY!....Image of Basildon School Readiness Poster

R is for RESILIENT, adaptable and always willing to try;
E is for ENQUIRING, curious, asking questions and exploring;
A is for ASSURED, confident in their own abilities; independent in their self-care;
D is for DETERMINED, striving to improve and showing pride at success;
Y is for YOUNG, eager to learn and full of potential.

...and when feeling safe and secure, Basildon children will....

  • happily separate from their parent and carer
  • express their needs and communicate their ideas
  • communicate with others developing friendship groups
  • try new things
  • be prepared to get dirty and messy
  • develop a growing awareness of the world around them and other people
  • celebrate their family and those of others
  • have a developing phonological awareness, enjoy being playful with sounds , rhymes and words
  • begin to take turns and develop an understanding of sharing
  • respect  others , resources and  their environment

Campaign poster: Icon for pdf Basildon School Readiness Project - The road to school readiness A4 poster [1.07MB]

Links to guidance on how make sure your little one is school ready....