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Public Register of Licences and Registrations

Lists of licences issued by and registrations held by Basildon Council Environmental Health Services.

Please note that although our registers are updated regularly, licences may be granted or surrendered at any time, therefore the accuracy of the information cannot be guaranteed beyond the time of publication.



Cooling Towers

  Basildon Council - Register of Cooling Towers December 2023 (PDF) [160KB] (opens new window)

Environmental Emissions -

Part B Processes

  Authorised Processes Public Register - January 2024 (PDF) [188KB] (opens new window)

Food Business Registrations

 Can be viewed during normal office hours at our Basildon Centre offices.

Licensing Act 2003 -

Premises Licences and Club Certificates

  Basildon Council - Public Register - Premises and Club Licences - November 2023 (PDF) [669KB] (opens new window)

Licensed Caravan Sites Register

Basildon Council - Licensed Caravan Sites Register - December 2023 (PDF) [212KB] (opens new window)

Licensed Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO's)

Basildon Council - Register of Homes in Multiple Occupation (HMO) - April 2024 (Excel doc) [39KB] (opens new window)

Skin Piercing Registration

Gambling Premises Register

Basildon Council - Public Register - Gambling and Betting - January 2024 (PDF) [195KB] (opens new window)

Wheelchair Accessible Hackney Carriage

(Taxi) Vehicles

List of vehicles designated for the purpose of S165 of the Equality Act 2010 - December 2023 (PDF) [637KB] (opens new window)

Fit and Proper Person Register Basildon Borough Council - Fit and Proper Person Register - April 2023 (Excel doc) [23KB]
Contaminated Land Register    Basildon Borough Council - Contaminated Land Register - 2023 (Word doc) [3MB]
Environmental Permits Register


Environmental Health Services - Admin