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Permission for Events in Parks and Open Spaces

Persons wishing to operate a fair, circus, firework display or other special event on council owned land must first get permission from Basildon Borough Council.

In certain cases Basildon's Environmental Health Services and/or the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) must be notified in advance of events which are to be held on private land.

Licensing Act 2003.

Certain special events which include music or food and drink will need a Temporary Event Notice from Basildon Borough Council.

Please contact Basildon Council's Environmental Health Services for further information, see contact details at bottom of page.


Events in Recreational Parks & Open Spaces

Space in the larger recreational parks in Basildon, Billericay and Wickford can be hired for events such as fairs, town carnivals, firework displays, circuses and charity events etc.

Smaller community events can be staged at suitable parks and open spaces throughout the Borough.

To check availability and costs, and to request an application pack contact the Parks Department on 01268 533333

Events in Country Parks

Depending on scale and suitability - Space in the Country parks and nature reserves in Basildon, Billericay and Wickford can be hired for events.

To check availability and costs, and to request an application pack contact:

Countryside Officer on 01268 533333.

Events including animals

Events which include performing animal acts such as those found in some circuses will not be allowed to take place on council owned land.

Events which include the showing of, or demonstration of, working animals, livestock or pets may be allowed to take place on Council land providing such events satisfy the Council's requirements for safety and suitability.

Booking Information.

Application packs include a risk assessment and event checklist.

In addition to completing and returning the risk assessment and event checklist you will be asked to produce:

  • details of insurance cover for the event
  • relevant catering/hygiene certificates if food and drinks are to be served
  • details of additional toilet facilities which maybe required and if power and water will be needed.
  • Fairground Safety Certificate, necessary if fairground equipment is to be used.
  • health and safety information regarding first aid, stewarding, access etc.
  • any other necessary permits, licenses, certificates.

When the Events Checklist and the Risk Assessment Questionnaire have been completed and all other certificates and documentation have been produced then a site meeting may be necessary with a Parks or Countryside Officer to go over any specific details or queries.

To finalise a booking, a contract for the event is produced for both parties to sign. Details of the contract and the event are then forwarded to the Essex Police, the Essex Fire Service, Basildon Council's Environmental Health Services and where necessary to the Health and Safety Executive.


Permission is not required from Basildon Borough Council for special events open to the general public to take place on private land, except for those where a Temporary Events Notice is required. If you are unsure as to whether your event requires a Temporary Event Notice, please contact us, see Environmental Health Service contact details at bottom of page.

If a Temporary Event Notice is not required, we still advise that you notify Basildon's Environmental Health Services of public events which include any or all of the following:

  • Circus Performances
  • Firework Displays
  • Provision of food & drink
  • Additional temporary toilet facilities
  • Bungee Jumping equipment, (when in use as an individual attraction which is not part of a larger fairground installation).

All of the above activities are the subject of health and safety legislation.

Failure to operate within Health & Safety legislation can lead to injury or death.

The Council's environmental health officers are entitled by law to inspect any event open to the general public.

Should the Council's environmental health officers arrive at an event to discover a breach of the Health and Safety regulations which would endanger the general public, they will act accordingly.

At best this could mean delays or the loss of some part of the event, at worst complete closure of the event and possible prosecution.

Avoid disappointment, if you plan to hold an event open to the general public on private land, let us know in advance and we will ensure that your health & safety arrangements are up to standard:

Phone Basildon Council's Environmental Health Services on 01268 533333.

The Health & Safety Executive must be notified in advance of events on private land and open to the general public which include:

  • Fairground equipment

Please  Contact Health & Safety Executive (opens new window).