Innovate 2 Succeed - An innovation management support programme designed to scale up your company.

Image of the Basildon for Business Brand LogoImage promoting Enterprise Europe Network - Innovate 2 Succeed PrgrammeInnovate 2 Succeed is a fully-funded programme designed to support ambitious SMEs that recognise that innovation plays an integral role in their growth plans. The programme is fully funded by Innovate UK and offers up to 7 days of tailored coaching and support to address barriers to business growth. In addition an Innovate 2 Succeed advisor will be available to help support your senior management team in addressing important areas of innovation management.

Innovate 2 Succeed's specialist advisors have proven experience in helping businesses to:

  • plan for the future
  • harness ideas
  • make better strategic and financial decisions
  • understand how to best apply business innovation in order to deliver better results.

Who the programme can help

Innovate 2 Succeed can help if your business wants to:

  • use more technology
  • use innovation to grow
  • apply for grants or funds to innovate

PLEASE NOTE: You can still make use of this programme even if you have previously applied for SME Instrument or Innovate UK funding and weren't successful.

What the programme can offer

Innovate 2 Succeed can give you help with:

  • getting funding for innovation, including writing a funding application
  • developing and diversifying your products
  • planning new markets
  • exploiting and protecting intellectual property
  • writing bids

For further information and enquiries

How to apply

To find out more and how you can apply to take part in the Innovate 2 Succeed programme please contact our Economic Development team, see contact details below...