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Licensing - Applications for a licence review

Anyone experiencing problems with a licensed premises can apply for the premises licence to be reviewed. If the review process finds there has been a failure to comply with the licensing objectives then penalties can be imposed or the licence revoked.

Before you submit an application for a premises licence review:

  • you must understand that the review process can only deal with problems caused by a failure of the licence holder to uphold the four licensing objectives
  • you need to consider whether your problems could be dealt with outside the formal review process

Before submitting an application for a formal premises licence review, we ask you to consider the following:

  • Talking to the licence holder to find out if there are any steps they are willing to take to solve the problems
  • Asking Basildon Council, as the licensing authority, to talk to the licence holder on your behalf
  • Asking your local councillor or MP to speak to the licence holder on your behalf
  • Talking to the relevant responsible authority to find out if there is other legislation that could help solve the problem.  For example; if there is excessive noise it might be more effectively dealt with as a 'noise complaint' rather than as licence review matter

If the above options are unsuccessful or simply unsuitable for dealing with the problems you are experiencing then you must consider applying for a formal premises licence review.

Application forms

Please download, print and then complete and return the following application form:

You can return your completed form:

  • By post or by hand delivery to:
The Licensing Authority
Basildon Council
The Basildon Centre
St Martins Square
SS14 1DL


Important, please note


Regulations require that as well as submitting your application to Basildon Council you must also deliver copies of the application form:

In addition; all copies of the application must be delivered by the same method. For example, if you deliver your application to Basildon Council by post, then you should also deliver it to the premises involved, and to the responsible authorities, by post and at the same time.  If you post your application and copies, we advise you to get proof of postage.

If you do not send copies of your application to the required addresses, by the same method, and at the same time, your application will not be valid.

Once we receive your application

Once we receive your application, we will:

  • Acknowledge it within three working days
  • Undertake the review
  • Contact you if we need any further information
  • Notify you of the outcome of our review

The Licensing Authority

  • Address
    • The Licensing Authority
    • Basildon Council
    • The Basildon Centre
    • St Martins Square
    • Basildon, Essex
    • SS14 1DL
    • United Kingdom
  • Telephone 01268 206925