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Commercial Partner and Client - Rochford District Council

Basildon Council used a Section 101 Agreement to deliver the Audit Services of Rochford Council in order to generate a new income stream.

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Image showing Brand logo of Rochford District Council
Successful shared audit and governance delivery

Basildon Council provide audit and governance services to Rochford District Council in collaboration with our Strategic Partners who have a substantial global presence in the audit field and vast experience across our Essex authorities. The hosted service has paved the way for stability, reliance and allows sovereignty for Rochford whilst generating revenue for Basildon.

Case Study

Basildon Council entered the collaboration where the current environment has hard to fill resources and sharing is an option to counter this. Basildon Council have established a strong track record of partnerships and are therefore well suited to support other like-minded organisations. Basildon Council have an experienced audit team who have a meticulous understanding of audit and governance services, with a high attention to detail and excellent analytical skills.

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    Commercial Services

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