In today's competitive job market young people face a number of pressures, increasing competition for university places, rising tuition costs and often, the need for work experience in order to be considered for a job, at a time when work experience is hard to come by.

An apprenticeship can unlock future opportunities

For many, an apprenticeship can be the key to unlocking your future opportunities.

While undertaking an apprenticeship you will:

  • gain nationally recognised qualifications
  • gain valuable work experience
  • and earn a salary.

Apprenticeships are open to people in England who are aged 16 or over and not engaged in full-time education.

For young people aged 16-18 training costs are fully subsidised by the government.

For people aged 19-24 training costs are split between the Government and the employer.

There are over 200 types of apprenticeships across a range of industry sectors.

The current minimum wage rate for an apprentice is £3.50 per hour, rising to £3.70 per hour from April 2018. This rate applies to apprentices aged 16 to 18 and those aged 19 or over who are in their first year. Apprentices aged 19 or over who have completed their first year must be paid at least the minimum wage rate for their age.

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Basildon Council recognises the value of apprenticeships and been offering a range of apprenticeship opportunities since October 2005. Check regularly for new vacancies and apprenticeship opportunities.

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