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Electrical Regulations - Advice from Building Control

While carrying out electrical work, all homeowners should follow electrical regulations. Aiming to reduce death from poorly fitted electrical installations, the regulations cover a number of factors.

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What are Electrical Regulations?

Either an electrician or a competent person should install electrical work. Before carrying out any work, you must have Building Regulation's approval. Without relevant approval, you are breaking the law.

Plus, when selling a property, the buyer's solicitors may ask for proof of approval. If you cannot supply this, the sale could be delayed or even stopped.

Are there any exceptions?

Providing a competent person is carrying the work, some minor work does not need Building Regulation's approval. Including:

  • Any work connected to a 13A plug
  • Replacing sockets, switches or roses
  • Replacing one cable
  • Adding lighting points or sockets to existing circuits - considering they are not in a bathroom, kitchen, sauna, pools or garden

How to get Building Regulation approval for electrical work

Using a Registered Installer

Using a registered installer, they will make sure any work complies with Building Regulations and notify Building Control.

You will not have to apply for Building Regulations approval or pay a fee to the council yourself.

Find a Registered Installer on:

ELESCA Ltd (opens new window)

NICEIC (opens new window)

Using a Competent Electrician who is not a Registered Installer

A competent electrician has all the necessary training and experience to carry out work.

After they have demonstrated their competence to Building Control, approval is given for them to carry out work on your behalf.

You will need to apply for Building Regulations approval.

Finding a Competent Electrician, ask for membership of:


Electrical Contractors' Association

CITB defined competence scheme

NAPIT Certification scheme

Search our Register of Competent Persons

Carrying out electrical work yourself

If you are experienced, you can carry out electrical work yourself. Although, trying to cover up any work you have done before you received approval means new work will not be approved.

You will need to apply for Building Regulations approval.

Applying for Building Regulations Approval

If you are doing electrical work yourself or using a competent electrician, you need to obtain consent. A fee will be charged by Basildon Council to provide consent, a full list of Building Control fees can be accessed from the Downloads section.

Usually the case for electrical works - this application an be used for small domestic works. Often, no plans are needed, though depending on the work, further details may be requested. 

Apply for Building Regulations Approval - Building Notice Submission 


Full plans submissions can be used for any type of work where you require your plans to be checked and approved before work starts.

Apply for Building Regulations Approval - Full Plans Submission