Customer feedback is important to us, it allows us to develop our services and keep you in mind. 

We have received feedback in regard to some of the services that we offer. Below you will find documents that include the suggestions made to us and what we have done as a result of this.

Special Collections Service

Customer Panels

Customer Services

Other Improvements Made

  • Position in Queue Messaging - You told us that when calling Customer Services, you would like to know where you are in a queue - for example, if you are second in line for your call to be answered. We understand this helps you manage your time, or consider other ways you might like to contact us. Following an extended trial on two of our service lines, Revenues and Benefits, this messaging has been deployed on all telephone services / options accessible on our main telephone line (01268 533 333). Now you will be updated if you are second or higher in the queue, once every minute until your call is answered.
  • Essential Living Fund - You told us another organisation was asking residents to contact Basildon Council with queries relating to the Essential Living Fund (which is assessed via a link on the Southend Council website).  Contact was made with the organisation and the full contact details for the Essential Living Fund were provided to them for circulation so residents in the future will be given details for the administrators of this fund directly.
  • Freedom Of Information Publication Scheme - You told us that an email address referenced within this document accessed via our website was not working.  An up to date version has been uploaded to our website.
  • Council Tax Reduction - A complaint was received that you needed help completing what is an online-only application form for Council Tax Reduction. We have made arrangements for assistance to be provided to those who require a little more help.
  • BACS Details - You told us that a high street bank continued to advertise our old Bank Account number when setting up BACS  rather than the current account number. Whilst we could not confirm this was the case, we reached out to the bank in question to ensure our correct bank details are being advertised.
  • Lunch Time Call Queues - You told us you were waiting for longer to get your Council Tax / Benefit call answered over the lunch time period. We changed our lunch rota for advisors answering calls for these services so between 13:00 - 13:30 there are no lunch breaks which means more of your calls can be answered within our target of 2 minutes. We also introduced a new shift pattern to ensure maximum cover between 12:00 - 14:30.

For further details on our commitment to customer service you can visit our webpage on Putting the Customer First.