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Resident Involvement - get involved and have your say

Our residents have first-hand experience of our services. We are committed to listening to and working with residents, giving them a voice to influence the services and decisions made by the council.

By building strong working relationships with our involved tenants and leaseholders, we can deliver a sustainable service that is fit for purpose.

Our current tenant and leaseholder representatives, along with councillors and the council, have worked together on the Tenant & Leaseholder Engagement Strategy and the Menu of Involvement. These documents set out how we consult and involve tenants and leaseholders in issues that relate to council services in the areas they live.

By getting involved and having your say about what you think works well, or where we can improve, we can use this feedback to improve our services for everyone.  We have many ways you can get involved which means no matter what time you have to spare there is something for everyone.

Overview of the Menu of Involvement and the ways to get involved:

Whether you have little time to spare and want to get involved when you have time, or if you want to influence key decisions on a more regular basis, there are a variety of ways you can get involved. 

  • Tenants, leaseholders and residents who have little time to spare can dip in and out when you do have time. This includes through the Residents' Voice, and one-off activities like focus groups or surveys.
  • Join our Estate Inspections, Task & Finish or become a member of our Estate Panel, Sheltered Housing Group or Leasehold Panel, to work with us to feedback on our services.
  • You can work with us on a more regular basis, to influence key decisions and review our services. This is by becoming a member of our Tenant & Leaseholder Panel, Home Group, Tenancy Neighbourhood Group or Tenant Scrutiny Panel.
  • We hold a budget for each area within our borough for small estate improvements. All tenants, leaseholders and residents are welcome to contact the Resident Involvement team to put their project forward for consideration to help improve the welfare and lives of our residents.
  • You can join our Estate Panel, where we hold a budget for one-off larger improvement projects to improve areas across the borough for tenants, leaseholders and residents. 
  • You can quickly and easily give us feedback via our website or social media.

For more information on the above opportunities to get involved, please read our Menu of Involvement and our overall strategy. See: 

Whether you want to get involved or just want to know more we are waiting for you to get in contact with us. Please do so via the details for the Resident Involvement Team the page.