Our Corporate Plan tells you more about the way we are changing and the difference we want to make for the community.

Our Ambitions

The council's corporate plan, agreed in October 2018, is built on three ambitions for the borough:

  • PEOPLE- A place where people are happy, healthy and active
  • PLACE- An attractive and welcoming place that people are proud to call home
  • GROWTH- A place that encourages businesses to grow and residents to succeed.

Underpinning each ambition are a number of promises that will provide the focus for future action.

Careful consideration has been given to determine what the council can deliver itself and what it will use its influence to achieve.

To deliver the corporate plan, Basildon Council needs to be the best version of itself. In seeking to realise its ambitions the council will:

  • seek innovative financial solutions to the challenges we face thereby strengthening our ability to weather uncertainty, respond to opportunity and ensuring that the council tax represents value for money for the residents of the borough
  • embrace digital technology and support digital inclusion by working with residents and businesses to unlock their full potential
  • continue to secure value for money in the delivery of all council services, making us more resilient and allowing us the capacity to be ambitious
  • recognise the differing needs of all parts of the borough and treat each fairly.
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