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Building work over or near to a public sewer - Advice from Building Control

If you are planning an extension to your property or would like to construct a new building, you will need to ensure that there are no public sewers within the vicinity of the proposed works.

It is essential to find out what you need to know to ensure that your proposed works will not have a detrimental effect on the public sewerage system.

Further information and advice is available from the Anglian Water Authority

See  Anglian Water Authority (AWA) (opens new window)  to find out...

  • How you can establish whether there is a public sewer within the vicinity of your proposed works
  • Why AWA we need to know that you are planning works within the vicinity of the public sewerage system
  • AWA general build over/near a public sewer requirements
  • Assess your proposals against Anglian Water's standard criteria