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LGA Peer Review 2021

In 2021, Basildon Council invited the Local Government Association (LGA) to conduct a Peer Review of our ambitious plans to modernise our services to deliver for our residents over the coming years.

Councillors and officers from across the council were involved in this process, providing information and feedback to the review team so that they could better understand how the council works and plans for the future.The initial findings from the LGA were very positive.

The review team highlighted the council's ambition, drive and commitment to deliver the best possible outcomes for local communities, despite the uncertainty of the pandemic and other challenges faced. 

The full report from the LGA has now been published. The report celebrates council officers, members and stakeholders for their passion for local communities, and highlights the adaptability shown in the face of the global pandemic. 

The detailed report highlights six key recommendations for the council to consider moving forward.  

  1. Develop a compelling narrative for the future of Basildon.

  2. Continue to build a culture of respect between members and officers and continue to address poor behaviour when it occurs.  

  3. Seek early support for transition to Cabinet and consider a shadow Cabinet from early 2022.   

  4. The Council prepare a longer-term view and corporate projects need to be prioritised and aligned to ensure that they are delivered within current resources without impacting on core business activity.   

  5. Have a robust approach to managing change across the organisation driven by SLT, supported by MGM, led by senior members and supported by strong project management.  

  6. Consideration of 'A Growth Strategy for Basildon' or 'Basildon Growth Plan', which is a single narrative for growth, employment and skills, regeneration and connectivity would enable the council to capture and prioritise regional and localised ambitions. 

 The council would like to thank the LGA and peer review team for their work and will now consider the report in detail and develop and publish an action plan in due course. 

The full report can be found here:  LGA Peer Review 2021 - full report (November 2021) (Word doc) [157KB]

The progress review can be found here:  LGA Peer Review 2021 - progress update (September 2022) (PDF) [184KB] (opens new window)