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Basildon for Business - Back to Business Essex

Back to Business Essex provides SMEs with up to 12 hours of fully funded advice and guidance on key areas of focus for business owners.

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The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has imposed severe challenges and pressures, driving a need to change for many businesses, the majority of which are small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

To support and assist business owners in navigating these challenges and to ensure they are as ready as possible to get 'Back to Business', Essex County Council has commissioned Let's Do Business Group (opens new window) to deliver a specialist business advice and mentoring service directly to and in support of SME businesses across Essex.

The 'Back To Business' programme provides SMEs with up to 12 hours of fully funded advice and guidance on key areas of focus for business owners including:

  • Finance and Risk (evaluating and identifying the potential funding, finance and cashflow solutions available, innovation funding mechanisms, tax credits and assessment of financial risk factors)
  • Customers and Marketing (helping retain and increase customer connectivity, developing marketing strategies, identifying and accessing new customers, the value of PR, digital marketing tools and solutions)
  • Supply Chains (the importance of effective and efficient supply chains, supply chain management, logistics, distribution and technology solutions)
  • Workplace Operations and Digital Transformation (reviewing future operational requirements and physical workplace environments, virtual or digitally based opportunities and solutions)
  • People (the importance of human capital and skills matched to the ambitions of businesses, HR and recruitment)

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Back to Business Essex

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