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Pension Age Claimant - Local Council Tax Support (LCTS)

Local Council Tax Support (LCTS) is a welfare benefit administered by Basildon Council in order to provide financial support to persons of pension age who are on a low income, for the payment of Council Tax.

From 1st April 2019 the old Local Council Tax Support scheme will be replaced with the Council Tax Reduction Scheme.  Every year each Local Authority must review its scheme.

For full details of the scheme, see:

How do I apply for LCTS?

To apply for LCTS:

  • you and your partner, must be eligible to claim State Retirement Pension
  • be liable to pay Council Tax for your property
  • be living in the property as your main home
  • have less than £16,000 in savings.

To apply for LCTS, complete our online Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support application form.


If you are currently in receipt of LCTS and are informing us of a change in your circumstances, please see the  online change of circumstances page.

You may be issued a penalty of up to £70 if you fail to report a change in your circumstances within one month of the change.

Non dependents

A non dependent living in your household could affect the level of support we are able to award you.  You can find out further information on non-dependent charges on the following page: What are Non Dependants?.

What happens once I have made an application?

  • you will be required to provide evidence to support your application.  Once you complete the online application you will be informed of any evidence that you need to supply within one month of making your application.
  • if you are awarded LCTS we will apply the support to your Council tax account and send you a new bill with the discount included and letter detailing the breakdown of the award.

Additional Support

If you require further assistance, or would like to discuss your financial situation you can get independent advice from the following organisations: - Information on public service in one place including up to date information on Housing Benefit.

Citizens Advice - Citizens Advice provide a wide range of advice.

The Money Advice Service - Offers a range of money information including budgeting and debt management advice.



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