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Ex-armed forces personnel

If you are a former member of the armed forces who is now homeless, or if you are planning to leave the armed forces and facing the threat of becoming homeless, you may wish to approach the Housing Solutions service for assistance and advice. You can self-refer through our online portal:

Approaches for Homelessness advice and support

If you approach us for assistance, the Housing Solutions team may consider:

  • How long you were in the armed forces and what role you had
  • Whether you spent any time in a military hospital
  • If you have been issued a medical history release form and released from service on medical grounds
  • How long it has been since you left the armed services
  • Whether you have been able to find and maintain your own accommodation since leaving the armed forces
  • Your existing support networks

Your Single Homelessness Advisor will discuss your housing options, providing advice and assistance.

Housing Register applications

If you make a housing register application you may qualify under the armed forces local residence exceptions. You may also be entitled to an additional armed forces effective date. This will mean that the application will be backdated by the total cumulative period of the length of your military service.