Basildon Council has consulted people on all four of the Borough's conservation areas. Draft Conservation Area Appraisals and Management Plans were produced for Billericay, Noak Bridge, Great Burstead and Little Burstead Conservation Areas. This work was undertaken by Beacon Planning on behalf of Basildon Council.

What is a Conservation Area Appraisal?

Conservation Area Appraisals give an overview of each conservation area, and define what is special about them. They also identify the specific features that contribute to their character, such as significant buildings, historic features or important open spaces and views. The appraisals may result in the conservation area boundaries being revised.

What is a Conservation Area Management Plan?

The associated Conservation Area Management Plans identify the measures that may be needed to maintain or improve the character of the conservation areas in the longer term. This work will assist Basildon Council in the preparation of the planning policies to ensure the continued protection and enhancement of these special areas.

Billericay High Street

Listed BuildingThis is the largest conservation area in the Borough that encompasses Billericay High Street and its surrounding area.

There are 35 listed buildings in the conservation area as well as a number of protected trees and listed telephone boxes.  New developments have been permitted recently that complement and enhance the conservation area including the new Waitrose store, which was completed in 1999.

This consultation closed on the 22nd October 2010:

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Little Burstead

Listed BuildingA small village on the outskirts of Billericay that includes 5 listed buildings and listed street furniture.

This consultation closed on the 22nd October 2010:

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Great Burstead

Listed BuildingThe small conservation area in Great Burstead seeks to conserve a small cluster of weather-boarded buildings and cottages that gather around the Grade I listed church of St Mary Magdalene;

This consultation closed on the 22nd October 2010:

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Noak Bridge

Listed BuildingNoak Bridge was awarded conservation area status by the council's Environment Committee on the 24th January 1996.  At the same meeting the Environment Committee also decided that part of that conservation area should also be made the subject of a Direction under Article 4 (2) of The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995.  Noak Bridge includes the youngest collection of buildings in a conservation area in the District. 

Noak Bridge was one of the final phases of Basildon New Town to be built during the 1980's.

It's street layout and buildings were designed by the Basildon Development Corporation in the spirit of The Essex Design Guide, which sought to guide developers to build new buildings using the Essex vernacular style that is prevalent in many Essex villages.      

This public consultation closed on the 19th August 2011:

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