Spot It, Report It, Stop It! If you spot signs of sewage pollution in rivers or streams, please call Anglian Water on 03457 145 145 immediately.

Image showing the Anglian Water - Summer 2017 Pollution Watch PosterPollution is harmful to the environment. It can kill fish and other aquatic life, affect biodiversity, amenity value and the use of water and land for agriculture.

If you spot signs of pollution in rivers or streams, please call us immediately so we can act right away. The most obvious sign of sewage pollution of a stream or river is the presence of sewage solids in the water, but there may be other indications. These include:

  • toilet debris such as toilet paper, condoms and sanitary products
  • soap suds or a milky-looking discharge in the water
  • grey coloured water
  • a noticeable sewage smell in the air.

Anglian Water Pollution Watch - Spot It, Report It, Stop It.

If you see sewage pollution:

  • Phone Anglian Water immediately on 03457 145 145.
  • Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Calls FREE from BT landline. 

Anglian Water will ask you:

  • What you have seen? Can you describe it - is it flowing, how big is it?
  • When did you notice it?
  • Where is it? Is it near a landmark?
  • Is it near or in a watercourse?
  • What are the weather conditions?

What Anglian Water will do:

  • They will take immediate action
  • They will inform the Environment Agency if there is any risk of environmental impact
  • If Anglian Water is responsible they will:
    • Stop the discharge as soon as they can
    • Clean up any affected area of watercourse or land
    • Investigate the causes of the discharge to prevent reoccurrence.

Further information and enquiries

For further information and enquiries on reporting signs of pollution in rivers or streams visit: