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Business Rates - Hardship Relief

Section 49 of the Local Government Finance Act 1988 gives Basildon Council a discretionary power to reduce or remit the payment of Business Rates by granting Hardship Relief.

The principle purpose of an award of Business Rate Hardship Relief is to provide short-term assistance to businesses that are suffering unexpected hardship, arising from circumstances beyond the business's control and outside of the normal risks associated with running a business of that type, to the extent that the viability of the business would be threatened if an award were not made.

To qualify for Business Rate Hardship Relief

Business Rate relief on the grounds of hardship shall only be awarded where it is considered that:

  • the ratepayer would sustain hardship if Basildon Council failed to grant Hardship Relief; and
  • it is reasonable to grant Hardship Business Rate Relief having regard to the financial impact it may have on the councils income.

To apply for Business Rate Hardship Relief

To apply for Section 49 Hardship Business Rate Relief , the ratepayer must submit a request in writing, along with any supporting documentation, to Basildon Council. See link to full address details at bottom of page.

Please note, you are not entitled to withhold payment of rates pending the determination of any application made.

Guidance for applicants

The test of "hardship" need not be confined strictly to financial hardship and applicants should disclose all relevant factors affecting the ability of the business to meet its rate liability.

The "interest" of local Council Taxpayers may go wider than direct financial interests; for example, where employment prospects in an area would be worsened by a ratepayer going out of business, or the amenities of an area might be reduced by, for instance, the loss of a neighbourhood shop. However, it is unlikely that Hardship Business Rate Relief would be granted in respect of an empty property or where there is little expectation of economic survival.

Following possible changes in legislation, the information on this page is subject to change.