Basildon Council is committed to ensuring its website is accessible to all our customers, this is a task we are constantly reviewing.

W3C 'AA' Accessibility

This is the accessibility level that all Local Authority websites should be achieving. The council launched a new website in December 2018 which meets W3C 'AA' standards.

My Web, My Way

This is a website (from the BBC) which aims to help arm web audiences with the tools and understanding which will enable them to make the most of the world-wide web, whatever their ability or disability.

The site provides advice and help to all those people who would benefit from making changes to their browser, operating system, or computer to be able to view the web in a more accessible way.

The site is not only for those with disabilities (visual, hearing, motor, cognitive or learning impairments) but also, for example, for those people with minor vision impairments who would not consider themselves to have a disability.

Find out more on BBC - My Web My Way

Browsealoud digital inclusion softwareImage of the BrowseAloud brand logo

Browsealoud offers a host of website reading and translation support - helping you to access and understand our website better.

  • text-to-speech: click on or select any text to hear it read aloud
  • translation: written and spoken translations in multiple languages
  • text magnification: enlarges text and reads it out loud
  • mp3 generation: converts selected text into an MP3 audio file
  • screen mask: blocks distractions on screen with a tinted mask
  • web page simplifier: removes clutter from the screen, displaying only the main text
  • settings: customise options to suit individual needs or preferences

Try it out - it's free!

Image of the BrowseAloud brand logoClick the Browsealoud icon at the top right of each page to launch the BrowseAloud toolbar.

When you see the BrowseAloud toolbar simply click on any text to hear it read out loud.

Image of the Browsealoud Control Panel

You can click the various icons on the BrowseAloud toolbar to adjust settings and make use of BrowseAloud's many features.

BrowseAloud links to further information

Access Keys

Access keys are a useful navigation device enabling you to get around the Council's main website using your keyboard. They can be used to jump to different sections of content across the main council website.

Plain English

When we last redesigned our website we wanted the site to be:

  • free of jargon, using simple, plain English.
  • easy to search, so you can search and retrieve information about Council services without having any knowledge of the Council's structure, or what we call things - for example we would call it an Abandoned Vehicle, you would probably call it a Dumped Car.

We try:

  • to present information in a logical order and write clearly and simply using everyday words and short sentences.
  • keep our web page design simple, consistent and free of moving images.


Our website is subject to a continuous development process in order to keep up with trends and technological advances. Do please  submit comments or suggestions online regarding the content of this website and how it is presented, along with any comments or suggestions on how you feel it may be improved.