Since 1801, every 10 years the nation has set aside one day for the National Census - a count of all people and households.

The National Census is the most complete source of information about the UK population that we have. The last two Censuses were held on:

  • Sunday the 29th April 2001;
  • Sunday the 27th March, 2011;

A fresh Census is scheduled to take place in 2021.

Every effort is made to include everyone, and that is why the Census is so important. It is the only survey which provides a detailed picture of the entire population, and is unique because it covers everyone at the same time and asks the same core questions everywhere, making it easy to compare different parts of the country.

The information the Census provides allows central and local Government, health authorities and many other organisations to target their resources more effectively and to plan housing, education, health and transport services for years to come.

The following links provide statistical information on the National Census.