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Our commitment to tackle ASB

Basildon Council has established a specialist team to deal with cases of anti-social behaviour.

Anyone can be a victim of anti-social behaviour. Our Anti-social Behaviour Team recognise this and will work with Essex Police and other registered social landlords to resolve anti-social behaviour problems.

The role of the Anti-social Behaviour Team

  • Provide advice and lead on cases of anti-social behaviour
  • Continually improve the Anti-social Behaviour service
  • Promote good practice
  • Ensure customer involvement
  • Provide customer reassurance
  • Develop employee knowledge and skills

Procedures for tackling anti-social behaviour

  • Prevention wherever possible
  • Early action to stop anti-social behaviour as quickly as possible
  • Support for victims and witnesses
  • Support, where appropriate for perpetrators to address the causes of Anti-social Behaviour and prevent further damage to the community
  • Taking action against individuals who continue to break the rules and do not comply with warnings
  • Effective communication to let people know what action is being taken and why

Our Commitment

We believe that everyone has the right to a peaceful environment in and around their home. We recognise that if anti-social behaviour is left unchallenged it could be highly disruptive to residents.

The Anti-Social Behaviour Team works with Essex Police (opens new window) and the Local Community Safety Partnership, as well as other agencies and local residents, to tackle anti-social behaviour and its causes. When confronted with anti-social behaviour our team will always recommend trying and work out any problems by talking to those involved rather than taking enforcement action, however should this fail, we will take all necessary action against those causing an anti-social behaviour problem.

Anti-Social Behaviour Policy

Section 12 of the Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003 introduced Section 218A of the Housing Act 1996, which placed a requirement on all social landlords (local housing authorities, Registered Social landlords and Housing Action Trusts) to prepare and publish statements and summaries of their policies and procedures in relation to Anti-social behaviour.

Basildon Council's Anti-social behaviour policy and procedure has been put in place to ensure that tenants and residents of Basildon can clearly see the commitment that is made by Basildon Council to tackling ASB within the Borough and what happens when Anti-social behaviour is reported. It explains in detail the resources available to tackle Anti-social behaviour and what action Basildon Council can take.

Downloadable: Basildon Council - Anti-social Behaviour Policy 2017-2020 (PDF) [558KB] (opens new window)