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If you were trying to access , this site is currently under construction. It will be re-launched in the coming weeks.

Petitions to the Council

The Council recognises that petitions are one way in which people can let us know their concerns. We aim to respond and guide you through the options available to find a resolution to your concern.

The Council has adopted a Petition Scheme that sets out the process for submitting petitions to the Council.  It also outlines how the Council will respond to petitions.  Petition organisers are encouraged to read the Petition Scheme Guidance (PDF) [83KB] (opens new window) prior to organising and submitting a petition.  

Submitting a Petition to the Council

You can send us a paper petition or set up an electronic petition (ePetition). Paper petitions should be sent to:

Committee and Member Services
Basildon Borough Council
St Martin's Square
Essex SS14 1DL

Download a Paper Petition Template

A Petition Template (PDF) [198KB] is available to assist you in preparing your petition.  Simply download the template, gather the necessary signatures and submit it to the Council.

Set up an ePetition

You can set up an electronic petition on the ePetition page (opens new window) of this website.

If you create an ePetition, you will be required to register and provide the Council with basic personal information so that we can contact you about your ePetition. The information will only be used for this purpose, although we may need to pass your details to the relevant department to enable them to respond to the issues you raise.

Sign an ePetition

You can see the active electronic petitions on the ePetition page (opens new window) of this website.

If you sign an ePetition on the website, you will be required to provide us with basic personal information to enable us to verify that the "signatures" collected are genuine. Your name (but no other details) will be published on the ePetition website. We will only use the information you provide for this purpose.

Petitions submitted to the Council need to:

  • Include a clear and concise statement covering the subject of the petition and state what action the petitioners wish the Council to take.
  • Include the name, address and signature of any person supporting the petition and whether they live, work or study in the Borough of Basildon area.
  • Be a topic that relates to the functions or services delivered by the Council, or other public services for which the Council has shared delivery responsibilities (e.g. the police), through the Local Area Agreement or other partnership arrangement or which affects the Borough.
  • Petitions should not disclose matters that are personal or confidential, be vexatious, abusive or otherwise inappropriate
  • Petitions should be accompanied by contact details, including an address, for the petition organiser. This is the person the Council will contact and will not be placed on the website.