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Friend and Family Evictions

Basildon Council recognises that being asked to leave by family or friends is one of the highest causes of homelessness in the borough and this can be very distressing for all parties involved. However, we will try and negotiate with the family or friends to allow you to remain within the home environment. The security provided by remaining in the home will enable you to plan your future accommodation needs, with the help of the Housing Solutions team, avoiding any unnecessary disruption, especially for families with children.

What happens next 

After you have self-referred through our online portal, an officer will contact you by telephone to confirm your situation and speak with the excluder. Once we are satisfied that you are at risk of homelessness the Family License Termination (FLT) Officer will contact you to arrange a home visit. The excluder will need to be present at the home visit.

During this meeting your housing options will be discussed in full and the FLT officer will try to prevent your homelessness. Our FLT Officer will work with you and the excluder to achieve a planned move on, with the expectation that you will remain within the home while we explore your housing options.

Specific advice for 16/17 year olds

If you are 16-17 years of age, and are being asked to leave the home of family or friends, you should contact Social Services as soon as possible. We will carry out a joint home visit with Social Services to discuss your housing options.

Other Options

If you wish to seek professional help through a formal mediation service such as Relate, please be aware that these may charge.