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Service update: Monday 20th September 2021. All recycling collections, including pink sack and glass collections are back on this week starting with Wickford on Monday 20 September.

Thank you for your patience and understanding whilst services have been disrupted. Please remember to put out your sacks on your usual collection day and note that the Barleylands Recycling Centre has returned to its normal opening times.

Building Homes with Local Authority Building Control (LABC)

Image of the Local Authority Building Control LogoIndividual Approvals for Individual Homes

We remember that a completed house or flat is more than just another building, it will become someone's home and if built for sale, represents the largest financial commitment that most people ever make.

Serious problems occur to dwellings if there is a failure of the foundations or underground drainage system.

We attach priority to carrying out inspections as the work progresses on site, particularly during critical times of the construction in order to help prevent such failures.

LANTAC - National Approvals for Nationally Used Designs

Building Homes with Local Authority Building ControlIf you wish to build your house type throughout England and Wales, Local Authority Building Control can provide you with approval for a Local Authority National Type Approval Certificate (LANTAC).

A valid National Type Approval Certificate ensures that subsequent applications to build a house type are accepted for Building Regulations purposes.

National Type Approval Certificate are issued by the National Type Approval Coordinator who keeps a register of all type approved designs which is regularly circulated so that all the local authorities have access to the latest information.

A valid National Type Approval ensures that subsequent applications to build a house type are accepted for Building Regulations purposes.

Type approval is particularly useful when approved designs are adapted for schemes for Housing Associations.

There is no fee for house type approval, although the statuary Building Regulations Fees will be payable when submitting a scheme relating to the development of a particular site. There is no reason why a house builder could not obtain approval for their complete range of house designs in one application.

Delay in Starting Work on Site

It is preferable not to commence work until plans have been approved, but we recognise that time is money and a start on site at the earliest possible opportunity is often desirable. The use of local authority building control allows you to start on site as soon as your application is deposited.

Greater Choice

You have the choice to use either a full plans system or the building notice procedure.

Site Inspections

Local inspectors with local knowledge carry out these inspections,

Alterations and Extensions to Homes Built Under Local Authority Building Control

Local authority involvement ensures that plans and details of developments are retained for the benefit of those carrying out work in the future.

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