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Local Authority Building Control (LABC)

Local Authority Building Control can offer considerable advantages to owners of homes and buildings, building managers, building contractors, designers and schools.

Image of the Local Authority Building Control Logo Pre-Submission Consultation

  • Reduces project costs
  • Avoids delays
  • Creates awareness of building constraints
  • Is impartial
  • Provides for flexible schemes for the payment of charges
  • Include liaison with other council departments.
  • Will link to licensing and planning

Local Knowledge

  • Site Constraints
  • Local Acts
  • Past history of sites
  • Continuity of local knowledge
  • Geological Conditions

Responsive and Comprehensive Inspection Service

  • Fast response to inspection requests a call before 10.30 will ensure same day service
  • Site advice when problems arise
  • Locally based district inspection team
  • Provision of Completion Certificates

Plan Checking Service to Suit your Needs

  • Fast turn around following pre-submission consultation, under 10 days for most projects
  • We will assist your design team
  • Genuine 'fast track' route where initial consultations have taken place.
  • Conditional Approvals
  • Issue of Formal Approval Notices

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