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Doing business with Basildon Council

Doing business with us

Introduction to supplying products, services and works to Basildon Council.

Code of conduct

Our Procurement Code of Conduct - Supplying Products, Services & Works to Basildon Council.

Contract Monitoring

Contract Monitoring - Supplying Products, Services & Works to Basildon Council.

Become a registered supplier

How to register online - Become a registered supplier, supplying products, services & works to Basildon Council.

Confidential reporting

Our Confidential Internal Reporting Policy and Procedure (Whistleblowing).

Submitting Invoices to Basildon Council

To assist suppliers some Frequently Asked Questions have been produced outlining common queries Basildon Council receives.

Contact Corporate Procurement

Contact us If you have questions about Doing Business with Basildon Council.

Community Right to Challenge

Giving community and voluntary sector organisations as well as groups of council staff the right to put forward an Expression of Interest in running local services.

Past, current and planned tenders and procurements

Details of past, current and planned tenders and procurements.

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