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Town twinning in Basildon borough

Basildon is twinned with Heiligenhaus (Germany) and Ville de Meaux (France). Billericay with Chauvigny (France) and Fishers, Indiana (USA) and Billerica, Massachusetts (USA).

Basildon's Twin Towns

HeiligenhausVille de Meaux

Heiligenhaus Civic Shield

Heiligenhaus (opens new window) Germany
Stadt im Grunen
(A Town in the greens)

Ville de Meaux Civic Shield

Ville de Meaux (opens new window) France
Une ville d'art et d'histoire
(A city of art & history)

Basildon Borough Twinning Association helps to organise:

  • school trips
  • exchanges
  • leisure and sporting activities.

Regular annual events

The following events help promote each and all of the 3 Twin Towns.

We offer continuous support for exchanges between the Twin Towns for sports events and the Railway Club and will help to support and arrange any exchange that can take place.

The Twin Towns Committee can help with French & German translation.

A youth visit from Basildon

Each year there is a a youth visit from Basildon to either Heiligenhaus (Germany) or Meaux (France), normally takes place over the Whitsun break (the 7th Sunday after Easter).

The Stadfest in Heiligenhaus

The Stadfest in Heiligenhaus in June, a 3 day festivity held in Heiligenhaus Town Square, mostly with live music and beer stalls. We take part selling beer and whiskey.

The City Festival in Meaux

The City Festival in Meaux in October, has a more commercial leaning and goes on for 4 days. We have a stall selling mixed English products, the big seller is our freshly made coffee !

Heiligenhaus and Meaux visit to the Barleylands fair

Each year we invite friends and representatives from both Heiligenhaus in Germany and Meaux in France to Barleylands Country Fair (opens new window), where they sell traditional wares from their home towns.

Further information and enquiries

For enquiries please Email Kate Boucher

Billericay Twinning Association's twin towns

Chauvigny, France

Chauvigny is a medieval market town on the banks of the river Vienne, located 30 miles east of Poitiers.

Today there is a population of 7,000 and is the home of the famous Apolico porcelain factory.

Website  Town of Chauvigny, France (opens new window).

Fishers, USA
Fisher USA

Fishers is located 20 miles north of Indianapolis. The town first came into being in June 1872 when Salathiel Fisher divided his land into town lots.

Today Fishers has over 60,000 residents from various cultures, incomes and backgrounds.

Website  Town of Fishers, Indiana, USA (opens new window).

Billericay Twinning Association

The Billericay Twinning Association was formed early 1998, as a non-local authority organisation to promote and foster friendship and understanding between the people of Billericay and other similar communities overseas.  The Association has charters with Chauvigny, Vienne, France and Fishers, Indiana, USA.

For further details please contact Billericay Twinning Association :

Website  Billericay Twinning Association (opens new window).

Billericay Mayflower Twining Association's twin town in USA.

Billerica, Massachusetts, USA

Billerica, Massachusetts is located 20 miles north west of Boston. Billerica was incorporated in 1655 and remained mostly farmland until the mid 19th century.

Today Billerica has nearly 40,000 residents from various cultures, incomes and backgrounds.

Website  Town of Billerica, Massachusetts, USA (opens new window).

Billericay Mayflower Twinning Association

The Billericay Mayflower Twinning Association (BMTA) promotes the links between Billericay and Billerica, Massachusetts, USA, which were formalised with the signing of the Twinning Charter on 21st August 1998.

For further details please contact Billericay Mayflower Twinning Association :

Website  Billericay Mayflower Twinning Association (opens new window).