Basildon Borough Council's Annual report for 2019/20

The Annual Report 2019/20 outlines the council's performance against the objectives set out in the Basildon Borough Council Corporate Plan 2018/21. It is a summary of key achievements over the last 12 months and is not an exhaustive list of council activity.

The Believe in Basildon Corporate Plan 2018/21 sets out Basildon Council's vision for the borough of Basildon, and how it intends to help its residents, businesses and service users.

Basildon Council is committed to improving the lives of all residents across the borough's five towns and creating opportunity and prosperity for local people and businesses. With a population of almost 190,000, rising to over 200,000 inside the next ten years, we want the best town centres in the South East, with thriving market towns and busy high streets complementing good jobs across a range of sectors.

To deliver this vision, the council has made three promises - Basildon borough will be:

  1. A place for everyone to call home
  2. A place where everyone prospers
  3. A place to be proud of

Achieving this vision and delivering on these promises will take time. The Corporate Plan has a lifespan of four years, and in some cases it may take longer. However, it is important that the council regularly updates its residents on the progress it is making, and that is what the Annual Report is for.

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