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If you were trying to access , this site is currently under construction. It will be re-launched in the coming weeks.

Community Strategy

Our Community Strategy has been shaped by a range of influences and factors, including: the views of local people and a variety of organisations from the public, private and voluntary sectors, a review of our evidence base and key policy documents, as well as consideration of what will be happening in the Borough in the future. Further detail on the consultation processes undertaken is set out in Appendix A.

The first section of our Strategy sets out the vision and strategic aims for Basildon Borough. The second section of the document provides a useful summary of some of the major influences which have shaped our priorities.

The Strategy will be supplemented by a key document that will be developed by the Basildon Renaissance Partnership which will outline in more detail the key actions to begin to deliver the vision and objectives and also identify where we are now in relation to the challenges and opportunities and how future performance will be measured. This
will enable the Basildon Renaissance Partnership to regularly asses where progress is being made and areas where it is not in order that efforts can be directed accordingly.