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Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan

As scientists show us that the world is warming faster and the effects may be worse than originally predicted, there has never been a more pressing time to act on climate change. In July 2019, the council agreed to work towards net-zero carbon emissions from the council's operations by 2030, and the borough by 2050.

During the development of this plan, we have experienced the beginnings of the unprecedented impacts of the Covid-19 global pandemic. Many people in Basildon have suffered from the effects of the virus, the necessary changes needed to slow its spread, and the immediate economic aftershock. We have yet to fully comprehend what the lasting effects will be.

If there is to be any silver lining to the COVID-19 cloud, it is that the impacts of the pandemic will result in the largest ever annual fall in greenhouse gas emissions. And the local effects are tangible: cleaner air, lower levels of traffic and less waste. We have also seen an uplifting community support network all working towards the same goal. It demonstrates that strong action taken as a whole community can make a tangible difference to tackling climate change. As we work together to recover from the crisis, we are seeking to harness and build upon these environmental and community benefits.

The COVID-19 outbreak also serves to remind us that circumstances are ever-changing and a long-term plan must be responsive and adapt over time. The success of this plan is dependent on three major factors, and the extent to which they can be realised is uncertain. Firstly, National Government must provide the right policy framework.

Secondly, sufficient funding to support the actions is needed, which is particularly poignant as the Covid-19 crisis has put extra strain on existing budgets and major funding gaps at national level still remain. Thirdly, everyone in Basildon must form part of the solution



The Climate Change Strategy also has a related Policy which can be found here