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The Executive Team

Basildon Council employs around 900 people. The two most senior employees are the Chief Executive and the Deputy Chief Executive who together make up the Executive Team.

Decisions concerning the council budget and most functions of the council are made by elected councillors. The Executive Team advises the elected councillors, implements decisions made by the elected councillors and carries overall responsibility for managing the workforce of over 900 employees engaged in day to day delivery of council services.

Executive Team members

Chief Executive - Scott Logan
Image showing a portrait photo of Basildon Council Chief Executive: Scott Logan

Scott leads the Executive and Senior Leadership Teams, taking the Council forward at a crucial time when the role, approach and shape of Local Government is changing.

He has a clear focus on developing a strong collaborative, energetic and visible leadership role for Basildon Council.

He will be setting an organisational agenda based on clear communication, setting clear priorities, and performance based upon delivery of real outcomes.

He is ambitious for the Borough, wanting it to take the opportunity to develop as a place-shaper, service provider and community champion delivering inclusive growth.

Deputy Chief Executive - Mandie Skeat
Image showing a portrait photo of Basildon Council Deputy Chief Executive: Mandie Skeat

As Deputy Chief Executive, Mandie is responsible for a number of services, including Housing and Community, Regeneration and Economic Development, Public Spaces and Leisure, Information and Communications Technology, Customer Services and Regulation.

Her role is to drive the strategic development and delivery of these services, ensuring they respond to changes, challenges and demands facing our community.

She will provide strategic leadership for these to ensure they are not only accessible and seamless, but their performance and delivery also reflect the priorities of our Corporate Plan.

Further information and enquiries

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