Basildon Council employees around 900 people to provide services to the local community and make Basildon a better borough for all those who live, work and learn here. The most senior officers are the members of the Executive Team.

While the budget and most decisions concerning the functions of the council are taken by elected councillors, the Council employs officers to give advice, implement decisions and manage the day to day delivery of its services.

The Executive Team includes the Chief Executive, Corporate Director and Service Director.

Table showing names and management positions of Basildon Council's Executive Team members

Chief Executive

Scott Logan

Scott leads the Executive and Senior Leadership Teams, taking the Council forward at a crucial time when the role, approach and shape of Local Government is changing. He has a clear focus on developing a strong collaborative, energetic and visible leadership role for Basildon Council. He will be setting an organisational agenda based on clear communication, setting clear priorities, and performance based upon delivery of real outcomes. He is ambitious for the Borough, wanting it to take the opportunity to develop as a place-shaper, service provider and community champion delivering inclusive growth.

Image showing a portrait photo of Basildon Council Chief Executive: Scott Logan


Corporate Director

Kieran Carrigan

As Corporate Director, Kieran is responsible for Finance, Regeneration and Economic Development, Governance and Legal Services. His role is to respond to the challenge of reducing resources whilst driving a growth strategy that reflects both the ambition and needs of the Borough. The successful delivery of commercial and regeneration schemes are crucial elements in setting a sound foundation and a sustainable future, both physically and economically. Alongside this he has statutory responsibility for the financial management of the Council, together with ensuring sound governance and ensuring that the Council can demonstrate value for money.

Image showing a portrait photo of Basildon Council Corporate Director: Kieran Carrigan


Service Director

Mandie Skeat

As Service Director, Mandie is responsible for Housing and Community, Public Spaces and Leisure, ICT, Customer Services and Regulation. Her role is to drive the strategic development and delivery of these services, ensuring they respond to changes, challenges and demands facing our community. She will provide strategic leadership for these to ensure they are not only accessible and seamless, but their performance and delivery also reflect the priorities of our Corporate Plan.

Image showing a portrait photo of Basildon Council Service Director: Mandie Skeat