The charges for each level of advice are as follows:

Strategic Developments

100 + residential units, 5,000 sq. metres of commercial floorspace + sites of 3 hectares or more

Large Major Developments 

50-99 residential units, 2000-4999sq. metres commercial of floorspace including changes of use +sites of 2-3 hectares

Standard Major Developments

10-49 residential units, 1000-1999 sq, metres of commercial floorspace including changes of use + sites of more than 1-2 hectares

Minor Developments 

1-9 residential units and commercial development and changes of use to buildings up to 999 square metres

Meetings will only be arranged once the appropriate application form and payment has been received by the Council. An appropriately experienced officer will represent the Council at the meeting, but you will not be able to request that a particular officer attend the meeting.

At the meeting the officer will give the following advice:

i) Information on all relevant national and local planning policies.

ii) Relevant development control policies and other guidelines operated by the Council.

iii) Where appropriate reference to any known local factors including aspirations of local Councillors and residents.

iv) Advice on what plans and additional supporting information will be required to support an application.

v) Relevant previous planning history of the site.

vi) Contact details of any relevant statutory agencies who need to be consulted on the proposed development.

vii) Information on known constraints relevant to the site.

viii) Where appropriate what Section 106 contributions may be required from the development.

To use time effectively at the meeting we will require the following basic information to be provided in advance.

i) Description of the proposed development

ii) A site location plan with site boundary indicated

iii) Photographs and sketch drawings showing access points, buildings and trees

iv) Outline of proposal

v) Sketch drawings showing height/scale of development

vi) Draft Design and Access Statement (this should be a contextual survey and analysis of the constraints and opportunities.

vii) Completed application form available by request or online.

Pre-Planning Application Advice - Application Forms

On receipt of an application for written advice or a meeting it will be checked to confirm that the supporting information and correct fee has been submitted, and if complete will be given a unique reference number. An acknowledgement letter will tell you the date by which you can expect to receive a response, and the name and contact details of the case officer who will be dealing with your enquiry. If you have requested written advice we will aim to give a response within 15 working days unless there are particular difficulties with the enquiry in which case we will contact you to agree a revised timescale. In relation to meetings we will endeavour to arrange a meeting within 15 working days and provide a written follow within 15 working days.

You should be aware that any advice given by the Council in relation to pre-application enquiries will be based on the case officer's professional judgement and will not constitute a formal response or decision of the Council with regard to any future planning applications. Any views or opinions expressed will be given without prejudice to the consideration by the Council of any formal planning application, which will be subject to wider consultation and publicity. Although the case officer may indicate the likely outcome of a formal planning application, no guarantees can or will be given about the decision that will be made on any such application.