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Recycling Waste Collection Trial

From 13 September to 25 October, properties selected in Noak Bridge have been asked to take part in a trial regarding separated recycling waste collections.

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Forthcoming government legislation means that soon, Basildon Council is likely going to have to collect different types of recycling materials separately. This means that pink sacks are unlikely to work in the future.

Separating recycling materials has some important benefits including: 

  • Extending the life of recyclable materials, with less contamination of materials   
  • Improving the amount of materials that are recycled  
  • Reducing disposal costs as the materials are already separated  

Basildon Council currently collects residents' recycling materials in a pink sack, with glass collected in an orange box. The trial will test two containers, to see what works for residents:   

  • A crate/box - for plastics and metal materials  
  • A reusable sack - for paper and card materials  

Your feedback is vital - we need all participating properties to complete the end of trial survey by 29 November 2021.

Complete Recycling Trial Post-Trial Survey

During the trial if you have any issues, comments or questions please contact us by: 

At the end of the trial, please complete the post-trial survey to provide feedback on the service and containers. You can help shape your future waste collection services. The completion deadline will be on 1 November.  

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the trial:

How will the trial work?  

Participants will receive a reusable sack for your paper and card materials and a crate (box) for your cans and plastic materials. All you need to do is to stop using your pink bag service and try and separate your materials into the new containers. Glass will still continue being collected via your normal collections. You will place the reusable sack and crate alongside your other waste and recycling on your normal weekly collection day by 7.30am.  

Why are we doing the trial? 

We are undertaking the trial to see how residents feel about segregating the materials and the new containers. As well as testing it with our crews. Our crews will be completing a monitoring sheet, to review the participation and usage of containers. This is nothing to worry about, we will simply be collating some data to help us gauge success.   

How long will the trial last?  

The trial will run for 6 weeks, with containers delivered on the 11th September. You can start to use the new containers straight away, but the first collection using the new containers will be on 20 September. So please use pink sacks on 13 September collection.  and the last collection will be on 25 October. We will also collect the containers on 25 October and you will restart the pink sack collection service. Near the end of the trial we will contact participants again to ask for their views on the service.

Which streets are part of the trial?  

  • Crouch Street - 135 properties 
  • Lower Street - 68 properties 
  • New Waverley Road - 93 properties  
  • Eastfield Road - 34 properties 
  • Little Hurst Lane - 17 properties 

How did we pick the areas involved in the trial?  

We have selected Noak Bridge due to the varied type of properties and streets, thus being a good representation of the borough. It is also close to the council's depot, making it accessible for us to monitor the trial closely. Your participation and feedback will help us to plan a borough-wide introduction of the service. 

Can I join the trial if I live somewhere else?  

No. If we decide to roll out segregated recycling collections to the rest of the borough we will let you know.  

What containers are being tested?  

We are providing 1 x reusable sack and 1 x crate. We are testing two containers, to see what works better and what residents prefer. It may be that the model chosen has only one of these types of containers introduced rather than two different ones.  

What do I put in my reusable sack?  

Please could you put materials made from paper and card, including pizza delivery boxes (without food content), cardboard boxes, envelopes, magazines, newspapers etc into your reusable sack.  

What do I put in my crate? 

Please could you put materials made from plastic and cans into your crate, making sure that the materials have the recycling symbol on the packaging. Please do not include materials like bubble wrap and polystyrene as these are not recyclable. You can include pots, tubs, trays, and all types of cans without food content. As well as foil and aerosol sprays.

How do I provide feedback during the trial?   

We would like you to complete the pre-trial survey, as this will allow you to opt out of the trial if you so wish. We will also ask you to fill in your communication preferences, so that at the end of the trial we can send you another survey to complete based on your preference. During the trial, you can provide specific feedback by emailing  with any questions, issues and comments. We encourage you to provide us with as much feedback as possible.    

What happens after the trial?   

The trial is for a six week period only, it will then revert back to the current pink sack collection service. We will collect the trial recycling containers back from you on the last collection day (25 October). We will take your feedback on board to ensure the future recycling  collection service meets residents' requirements.   

Can I use my own containers for the trial? 

Please use the containers provided, this will enable us to monitor whether the containers are the right size and are durable.  

What if the containers get full?  

For the trial period, please only use the containers provided. If you have large cardboard boxes you can place these outside of the containers and the crews will collect them if they are flattened. If you require additional containers please let us know at  and we will get one delivered to you.  

What are the benefits of separated recycling collections?  

The main benefit is that the materials have a longer life expectancy due to reduced contamination with other materials, therefore improving the amount of materials being recycled. There is also less processing and the materials produced are easier to recycle. A reusable container also reduces our reliance on single-use plastics.

Where does my recycling waste go?  

Currently recycling waste is collected, and taken to our depot in Billericay. They are then transferred to a sorting facility, where materials are separated manually so that they can be bailed and sent to companies who will recycle the materials. By separating materials before collection this reduces a significant cost and time. It also improves recycling as there is less contamination and more materials can be recycled. During the trial we will be taking the separated materials to be recycled separately.

Why don't we put all our recyclable materials in the black sack collections?  

When recyclable material is put into a black sack, this is sent to landfill, which creates a greater impact to the environment by creating harmful greenhouse gases. It is not possible to sort material from black sacks for recycling, these items are too badly contaminated to allow these items to be recycled. When recyclable items are disposed correctly, materials are recycled and therefore are not being thrown away.

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