Residents can look forward to receiving their annual delivery of PINK recycling sacks over the next 6 to 8 weeks. Residents in Billericay and Wickford will be the first to receive deliveries which should be completed within the next 2 to 4 weeks followed by deliveries to the rest of the borough over the 4 weeks after that.

We ask residents not to submit requests for additional pink sacks, particularly those living in Billericay and Wickford. New sacks will be with you soon. For residents who have already requested more pink sacks;  we aim to get these to you as soon as possible but they may arrive as part of your annual delivery.  Thank you for your continued support

FREE Click 'N' Deliver top-up service for pink sacks

Each household within the Basildon Borough will receive 4 packs of pink sacks throughout October to December of each year.  If you are running low on pink sacks, you can now order additional sacks online.  2 bags of pink sacks will be delivered per order.

Order additional pink sacks

Do it Online - Book a Special Collection

Do it online - Order additional Pink Sacks 

Basildon Council will deliver 4 packs of pink sacks - 104 sacks in total - between October and December of each year.  This is the same number as in previous years.  The change is that we will be delivering all 4 packs in one go once a year in October to each household rather than 2 packs twice yearly as in previous years.

To make it easier for residents to obtain additional recycling sacks this has been changed to an online ordering system and the sacks are now delivered directly to your property.  Previously residents complained to us that outlets would run out of sacks.  By moving to an order and deliver service, we can ensure that residents have access to additional pink sacks when they are required.


The new FREE click 'n' deliver service will be open from 1st October 2019.  You will receive your yearly delivery of 4 packs during October and the online service will then be available if/when you start to run out.

We aim to deliver your additional Pink Sacks within 10 working days of receiving the order.

No.  We will deliver additional sacks to those informing us they need them free of charge.  2 packs of additional sacks will be delivered.

Additional pink sacks may be available from outlets for a short period whilst we fully move over to the new online service however once this round of deliveries are complete, all distribution points will be closed and you will only be able to order these online.

Residents will be able to use computer facilities at their local libraries or the self-serve computers within the Basildon Centre to submit a request for additional pink sacks. Alternatively, friends of relative will be able to order these online on a resident's behalf, providing the pink sacks are delivered to the address within the Borough whom require them.

Enter your postcode to find out about your refuse and recycling collection dates and other information relating to your area: Where I Live

We are not always made aware of residents moving in to new properties and you may not have all the bins and information you need to present your waste correctly for collection.  The links below will take you to our online order forms where you can request new bins or pink sacks as required.

Online Form - Order a Replacement Recycling Container

Online form - Order additional pink sacks

Your pink sack should be filled with dry, mixed recycling materials only.  Old textiles, clothing and shoes may also be disposed of using these pink sacks, providing they are kept separate to the other materials and the bags are clearly marked with a label saying 'Textiles'.  Please see our Rubbish, bins and recycling information page for a breakdown of materials and packaging which can go into your pink sack.

Here are some tips to allow you to make the most of your pink sack...

Plastic Containers:

  • Wash and squash! Rinse all plastic packaging and squash down before placing it in your sack
  • Screw lids back on bottles after squashing to prevent them from expanding again

Metal cans:

  • Squash down to make more space in your sack


  • Flatten down cardboard boxes to make the most of space in your sack
  • If cardboard is too large for your sack, leave the flattened box out for collection, alongside your prink sack, on your collection day