A special focus on the vision and proposals for the transformation of Basildon town centre

Image promoting Basildon's Bouncing Back Basildon Town Centre Regeneration strategy reimagines how our town centre can be transformed from a shopping centre into a vibrant, mixed community with new cultural and entertainment facilities that befit the town's strategic importance and its pioneering, new town spirit.

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A reimagined town centred around you will:

  • provide the quality homes, workplaces and leisure opportunities our residents want and need
  • drive growth for the whole borough and celebrate the best of the new town
  • have distinct areas and spaces with their own characters, complementing each other, with accessible and inclusive  spaces for the public to enjoy
  • encourage high quality buildings that are sustainable, inclusive and accessible
  • be easier to get into and around, whether walking cycling or using public  transport
  • be greener, more welcoming and safer
  • be a place people want to visit during the day and in the evening
  • build in energy efficiency and sustainability

Further information is available under the following headings...

Basildon Town Centre Regeneration - St. Martin's quarter and Westgate area
This part of town has opportunities for a new hotel and an expanded leisure, cultural and community offer, such as the development of a multi-use arena.
Basildon Town Centre Regeneration - Great Oaks
Currently providing key parking for the town centre, this site is not considered a prime location for retail or workspace use, but suitable for some residential development.
Basildon Town Centre Regeneration - Eastgate
Hosting many high street names, the Eastgate Centre, has been the main retail draw in the town centre and we expect it will continue to be into the future.
Basildon Town Centre Regeneration - The Town Square and East Square
Led by the new cinema, East Square and Town Square will become the beating heart of Basildon in the evening with restaurants, bars and entertainment.
Basildon Town Centre Regeneration - The station environs and transport hub
More of the new workspace will be found in this area. The South Essex College digital campus will sit at the heart of this space, hosting a student population of up to 2,000.
Basildon Town Centre Regeneration - What you told us
The council carried out a formal six-week consultation on the town centre regeneration during June and July 2020. Here is what you told us.
A number of questions have been raised following the Basildon Town Centre Regeneration consultation we conducted in July 2020. Answers to these questions are published here.
The reimagining of Basildon is already attracting significant private investment. These are at various stages of the planning process.