What is LiveWell Pitsea?

LiveWell Pitsea explores different ways of promoting health and wellbeing in the Pitsea area. If you are passionate about physical activity, a healthy diet, feeling good and can help encourage healthy lifestyles then we want to hear from you!

Why do we need a community panel?

We think it is important that the local community continue to have a prominent voice in this project, so we are therefore keen to set up a community panel.

We are forming the community panel to help us deliver positive change and want committed local people representative of your community to join us to make a difference to health and wellbeing in Pitsea and want to hear from interested people.

We recognise that making this project work is not as simple as it sounds as the research we undertook showed that there are many barriers in the way that make it harder for people to use what is already on offer. This is where we think the expertise of the local community on our group could make the most impact.

How can I get involved?

We would like to invite interested local residents to join our community panel and meet on a monthly basis, dates, times and locations will be confirmed once our panel is finalised.

Call: 01268 206875

Email: livewellpitsea@basildon.gov.uk

What has happened so far?

A community survey was co-designed by partners who work in Pitsea to better understand the experiences and opinions of local people with regards health and wellbeing. This was followed by a series of interviews taking place with community volunteers and focus groups in order to delve deeper into some of the themes that emerged through the survey.

Following on from the research carried out in Pitsea last year, partners from various different health, leisure and voluntary sector organisations and clubs have been meeting to review the results and see how we could use what we learnt from the community to make a positive difference with regards the health and wellbeing offer in Pitsea. A key outcome for the group is to engage the local community, schools, groups etc. and help them improve their health and wellbeing through existing facilities like the Eversley Leisure Centre, The Place, or the many parks and open spaces in the area.

What if I have any questions?

Please contact the LiveWell Pitsea team:

Call: 01268 206875

Email: livewellpitsea@basildon.gov.uk