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Community Governance Review

Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007

The Basildon Borough (Reorganisation of Community Governance) Order 2021

Creation of a new Parish and Council in Wickford

The Council has recently made a Community Governance Reorganisation Order for the establishment of a new parish in Wickford and a Council to be called Wickford Town Council.  This followed a Community Governance Review being undertaken in response to a petition received from electors in the area.

A copy of the Order and a map showing the boundaries of the new parish can be found here -

The Basildon Borough (Reorganisation of Community Governance) Order 2021 (PDF) [257KB] (opens new window)

The Order also sets out the associated electoral arrangements including number of councillors, parish wards and cycle of ordinary elections. The first elections will take place in May 2022.

The reasons for the decision to make the Order are set out in the report made to Full Council on 18th March 2021 when the decision to make the Order was approved.  A copy of the report and supporting documents can be found here

Basildon Council - Agenda for Council on Thursday, 18th March 2021 at 7.30pm

The Order also provides that until the councillors elected to the council of the new parish of Wickford at the elections to be held on the ordinary day of election of councillors in 2022 come into office, an interim parish council will be created (with the statutory powers of a parish council) to take forward, in collaboration with the borough council, the planning and implementation of the proposed new town council until the new councillors are elected to Wickford Town Council is formally created.

The interim parish council comprises 3 borough councillors from the wards within the new town council area and community representatives from the shadow town council previously established by the borough council as detailed in schedule 2 of the Order.

The Shadow Town council can be contacted by email at

For further information, please contact Paul Burkinshaw, Director of Strategy and Governance by email at