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Latest update on progress

Though the Digital Inclusion Strategy has only been published recently, work on delivering the targeted outcomes has been ongoing for sometime.

Completed initiatives have resulted in;

  1. Free training for residents was provided by Essex Police on how to stay safe online.
  2. Local businesses were offered to attend free training delivered by Google at the Advice Store on how to grow a business online.
  3. Through working in partnership with a local charity, Every Child Online, the Council donated over 200 devices (including laptops (over 150) and monitors) to local schools to help ensure students had access to a device during the pandemic.
  4. The Council has updated many of its other Policies and Procedures to make sure that the targets set in the Digital Inclusion Policy are met.
  5. The Council promoted the use of modern technology during the pandemic to ensure customers of the Council could continue to safely access essential services online.
  6. The Council delivered a Digital Buddies initiative that resulted in a number of residents of the borough being trained to become digital champions, who then received referrals from our partners to teach others the recognised essential digital skills. This pilot project was critical to the development of other initiatives which are to be delivered by the Council and its partners in the following months.
  7. Gathered information of training opportunities for our customer's, to provide a list on the Council's website of established training material. Which will enable customers to create a personal development plan following an assessment of an individual's needs to then allow them to work towards gaining the recognised essential digital skills which will empower all our customers to safely contribute and participate in the digital world. We believe our approach provides a more personalised experience to further motivate those that wish to participate. To ensure there was not a financial barrier to participate free training opportunities took precedence when designing our support material.
  8. We have published identified opportunities for our customers that may require further support / information due to a disability or a condition that would affect their accessibility to the benefits of the digital world, to ensure no one is excluded.
  9. Due to the Council's influence / involvement with ASELA all public buildings identified by the Council have full fibre access. Due to funding of £6.9m secured by ASELA's Digital programme 200km of fibre was rolled out across the southeast.

This is a live page and subject to change as the Council looks to achieve the targeted outcomes through the delivery of an array of different initiatives either to be delivered by the Council or its partners to the benefit of the Council's Customers.

Last updated December 2022.

What we are currently working on our roadmap: Digital Inclusion Strategy - latest roadmap