A Basildon resident has been found guilty of fly-tipping after dumping multiple items including a fridge freezer and seven bags of soil on council land in front of their property.

Georgina Buckley, 26, of Eastbrooks Place, Basildon, appeared at Southend Magistrates Court on 15 January 2021 and pleaded guilty to a charge of dumping controlled waste under s33 of the Environmental Protection Act.

Ms Buckley had been originally issued with a fixed penalty notice for the offence in July 2019, which remained unpaid and she had not responded to a reminder letter. She was then arrested on a warrant issued by Southend Magistrates Court after having failed to attend court previously on 26 November 2020.

She was ordered by the court to pay a total of £450 including a £275 fine, £145 in court costs and a £30 victim surcharge.

Chairman of the Neighbourhoods and Public Spaces Committee, Councillor David Harrison, said: "Disposing of waste incorrectly will land you with a fixed penalty notice, and if it's not paid, then you'll be taken to court.

"I encourage all residents to report any dumped rubbish they see around their area. Once the council know it's there, we will investigate and take action where possible.

"If you have large household items you want to get rid of, keep them on your property and book a special collection. That way you won't face the same outcome as the defendant did here."


Published on Wednesday 20 January 2021