A new local partnership began this week with five specialised officers helping reduce the amount of waste and litter dropped, dumped and dismissed across the borough.

Chairman of the Neighbours and Public Spaces Committee, Councillor David Harrison said, "We're launching enforcement action with National Enforcement Solutions and we intend to clean up Basildon, clean up Wickford and clean up Billericay.

"Littering is a disgrace. People who drop litter will be caught and there will be a penalty charge."

Anyone caught flytipping can be issued with a £200 Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN). Littering carries a £75 fine.

The partnership means Basildon Council's team of Street Scene Education and Enforcement Officers now has five personnel who are focused on educating and enforcing environmental regulations across the borough.

"Flytipping, dog fouling and littering are a few of the offences that cost the council a lot of money to enforce," National Enforcement Solutions team-leader Eoin Henney said.

"National Enforcement Solutions have teamed up with Basildon Council to give more resources to the council to combat these offences."

More than 80% of the borough's acts of flytipping are from illegally dumped household waste.

Press release published on Friday 07 February, 2020