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Training Course - Housing Benefit Changes in Circumstances (for CIVICA users)

A 2 day course of instruction on how a change in circumstances can affect a claimant's entitlement to benefit and how to amend a claimant's entitlement to benefit.

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All our training courses are delivered at the customer's premises or at a location of their choosing and at a date and time to suit the organisation's needs and priorities. For many customers this can mean a considerable saving on employee travel expenses and time away from work.

Course details

  • Course name: Housing Benefit Changes in Circumstances (for CIVICA users)
  • Who should attend: All staff and managers who will be processing claims for Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Support using the CIVICA revenues and benefits system.
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Fees: £400 (No VAT) per day for up to 8 trainees
  • Venue:  By arrangement at the customer's premises or at a location of their choosing
  • Date/time: By arrangement to suit the customer's needs and priorities
  • Course Instructors: Alex Eady,  see details below

Request a call back to arrange a booking

Course learning objectives

By the end of this course trainees will be able to...

  • Demonstrate a knowledge of the various factors that constitute change of circumstances
  • Understand from what date any particular change of circumstances should take effect
  • Demonstrate confidence in their knowledge of the various types of evidence applicants must produce before a change of circumstances can be processed
  • Understand benefits overpayments and make any necessary amendments to ensure a balance is correct using the CIVICA revenues and benefits system

Course content

  • Changes of circumstance that can change a person's entitlement?
  • What is a change in earnings?
  • How Tax Credits effect benefits
  • When rent increases apply
  • The Advantageous/Disadvantageous rule
  • What evidence is required?
  • What is an Extended Payment?
  • When do we cancel a claim?
  • Why do we suspend claims?
  • What is an Overpayment and how do we recover it?
  • Ensuring the overpayment balance is correct
  • How to amend claims using the CIVICA revenues and benefits system

Course instructors

Alex Eady - Senior Training Officer
Photo showing Alex Eady - Training Officer, Revenues and Benefits at Basildon Council

Alex joined Basildon Council in 2013. After a short spell in customer services he was recruited into the council's revenues and benefits section, since when he has gone on to become an expert in revenues and benefits law and the Civica Open Revenues system. Alex is known for the ever approachable and patient manner in which he delivers informative, interactive courses which include 'hand's on' experience using the CIVICA system.

Further information and enquiries

  • To arrange a course booking please submit an online call back form.
  • For further information and other training course enquiries please contact Dave Warrilow, our Senior Training Officer. See contact details below...