14 March 2019 - The way in which residents get their pink sacks for recycling is set to become easier.

At a meeting of Basildon Council's Leisure, Culture and Environment Committee on Wednesday 13 March, councillors agreed to a single annual delivery of 104 sacks instead of two separate deliveries, with residents able to request additional sacks to be delivered to their home address.

This replaces the previous method of having to make a trip to council offices or libraries to collect pink sacks.

Councillor Kevin Blake, Chairman of the Leisure, Culture and Environment Committee, said: "This change makes it easier for residents to get hold of pink sacks and will save a lot of wasted journeys when people go to libraries to collect them only to find they are all gone.

"At present there are no controls over the number of sacks people can pick up which means we have no way of measuring whether they are used for their intended use.

"We buy and distribute over 10 million pink bags a year and are committed to reducing our reliance on single-use plastics. An important part of this is making sure that residents have access to recycling bags when they need them, and that they are used for recycling.

"Households will still get pink sacks delivered to them once a year and additional sacks when they need them via request. This is good for the environment and good for residents."