12 March 2019 - A number of issues to be addressed in the emerging Southend-on-Sea New Local Plan have been identified by the Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Committee.

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council is currently undertaking a consultation to inform the development of the plan, with the aim of submitting it to the government for examination in 2021.

The committee provided officers with a steer as to the comments it wants Basildon Council to make on the issue and options document when it met on Thursday 7 March. These include indicating support for office-based employment growth and highlighting the need for a more coordinated cross boundary approach to securing A127 improvements.

Additionally, the committee agreed to raise the issue of the need for Southend to plan for Gypsy and Traveller transit sites and expressed concern about access options for tourists, which would otherwise be heavily reliant on car-based solutions.

Cllr Richard Moore, Chairman of the Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Committee, said: "It's important that we take this opportunity to consider the issues being raised through the consultation, and the options that Southend Council is presenting to address those. The preparation of the plan is still in the early stages, but by getting involved now we can ensure that any growth impacts are seen within the wider context and have less of an impact on the Basildon borough."